Banished to Another World will be moved to another site

Good news! I decided to move BAW to CG, which will mean weekly updates. Next Monday, I will post the new chapter there, and slowly notify people here about the move over here. After few notifications, Banished to Another World chapters here will be disabled. Sorry for the inconveniences!

Link here for BAW in CG

Also thank you for the votes, it really helps! I’ve edited the chapters in CG to be unified style…… slapping my past self who said I’ll be slacking and carefree this time… The poll will remain open for some time, you can still vote, any input is helpful to me.

Another PBD translator!!!!

OMGGMG i cant handle myself and its been a week since they started but i just saw

this is another translator aside from CG translator. I hope they continue as well as CG’s, bc the more PBD the better~~~ I know u probably dont even know pbd but its rly dear to me and i hope more ppl are excited for it! Moonlitgroove’s PBD chapter one <<< CLICK IT!!!!!!

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